Advanced Metallization Conference 2021
30thAnniversary, Asian Session

[JJAP 投稿要項]
(1) Instructions for the preparation of a manuscript for JJAP
Please see details in the following pages on the JJAP website.
- Authors Guideline (JJAP website)
You can find "Templates and style guide" on this page.

(2) Paper submission
Submission deadline:
mid of November, 2021

Please submit your paper though the following website.
Submission options (Submission page)
You should select "Submit an article for JJAP Special Issues" for submission to the JJAP special issues.

In the step of submission, you need choose "Advanced Metallization for ULSI applications" on the menu of "Select Special Issue", and also need the "Conference program number" of your own presentation in the ADMETA conference.

(3) Type of Papers
You can choose Regular Paper (RP) or Brief Note (BN) as shown below. The type of the submitted paper cannot be changed after submission.

Regular Papers <RP>
・A Regular Paper is an original paper with comprehensive, detailed descriptions of the research work, presenting a fully developed discussion on the results obtained in relevant fields of applied physics. It must provide sufficient and self-contained information to ensure the repeatability of experiments and analyses by readers.
・There is no length limit.
・Papers should include sections with titles, such as Introduction, Experimental Methods, Results and Discussion, etc.
・Full papers typically have approximately 30 or more references.

Brief Notes <BN>
・Brief Notes are short reports on significant improvements in instrumentation, fabrication processes, measurement techniques, and theoretical analyses, and also serve as an archive of knowledge useful for applied physics.
・The maximum length is 2,700 words and 3 single-column width figures.
・An abstract of no more than 100 words should be provided and appropriate references should be listed.
・Other than this, they should not be divided into sections.
・The expected number of references for a BN paper is approximately 20. However, no upper or lower limit is specified.

(4) Publication Charge
Publication charge for Special Issues.
・Regular Paper: 40,000 JPY / 1 article
・Brief Note: 20,000 JPY / 1 article
(including the fee for English editing)

(5) Contact us (JJAP website)