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Advanced Metallization Conference 2020
30th Asian Session

Advanced Metallization Conference 2020: 30th Asian Session
Oct. 14-16, 2020,
Tokyo Tech Front,
Tokyo Institute of Technology (Ookayama Campus), Tokyo

Oct. 14: Tutorial
Oct. 15-16 : Conference

Sponsored by
ADMETA Committee

The ADMETAPlus is heading for its 30th historical meeting and has a long record of important contributions to practical progress for advanced MPU and various memory devices. In recent years, the importance of interconnect technology for realizing low resistance, large integration, rich functionality, low cost, and high reliability has increased in various device application fields beyond silicon electronics. This conference will focus on interconnects technology and science related to materials, processes, device design, assembly, equipment, cost performance, and characterization. ADMETA will conduct lively discussions with academic, government, and industrial researchers and engineers on the interconnect technologies required for newly developed devices.

ADMETAPlus 2020 General Chair, Kazuyoshi Maekawa (Renesas Electronics Corporation)

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