Sponsorhip information
ADMETAPlus2022 is looking for exhibitors or donations as follows so that companies involved in semiconductor interconnetion or packaging technologies can utilize web conferences and banner advertisements on their websites. In particular, we would appreciate it if you could take advantage of this opportunity not only for companies of equipment, parts and material manufacturers, but also for those who want to introduce companies for recruitment and eduction purpose. Thank you for your consideration.

Exhibition location
Online and/or on site

Exhibition or donation method
1 unit 50,000 yen (tax included)
* One person will be invited to the tutorial and plenary session free of charge.

Exhibition contents
Web page banner and the URL link
Screening of advertisements during breaks within 1 minute
Exhibition by booth (small table)
*) At the plenary session, we plan to have a lunch break (1 hour) and a break of about 20 minutes in the morning and afternoon.