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Advanced Metallization Conference 2017
27th Asian Session
 Conference 招待講演者

Conference Plenary Speaker:
1) A Glimpse of the Frontier of AI Research
Tamiya Onodera (IBM Research Tokyo)

2) Conductor trends for future interconnects
Zsolt Tokei (imec)

Conference Invited Speaker
1) Advanced Silicide/Germanide technology for sub-16/14 nm node devices
Jun Luo (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

2) Through-cobalt self-forming barrier copper interconnect and alternative conductor interconnects of cobalt and ruthenium for 7nm BEOL and beyond
Takeshi Nogami (IBM Research)

3) A prospect of metallization technology for future interconnects
Atsunobu Isobayashi (Toshiba)

4) Dielectric Atomic Layer Etching in high volume semiconductor manufacturing: Why now and how?
Gerardo Delgadino (Lam Research)

5) Selective atomic-level etching using two heating procedures, infrared irradiation, and ion bombardment, for next-generation semiconductor device manufacturing
Nobuya Miyoshi (Hitachi)

6) Tungsten CMP as Enabling Process for 14nm Transistor Scaling and Yield Enhancement
Hong Jin Kim (Globalfoundries)

7) Incorporate Graphene into Back End-of-Line for Better Cu Interconnects
Ling Li (Stanford University)

8) Robust nanoscale Cu interconnects coated by atomic-layer materials
Nguyen Thanh Cuong (NIMS)

9) The Critical Role and Application of Metallization Processes in Advanced Packaging
Rozalia Beica (Dow Chemical)

10) Challenges with join & interface integrity in next generation microelectronic packages
Vivek B. Dutta (EMD Performance Materials)

11) Chalcogenide superlattices for the next generation non-volatile memory
Junji Tominaga (AIST)


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