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Advanced Metallization Conference 2018
28th Asian Session
 Conference Invited Speakers

Conference Keynote Speaker:
  Dr. Peng BAI
Vice President, Intel
Peng Bai is a corporate vice president and serves as co-director of the Logic Technology Development organization in the Technology and Manufacturing Group at Intel Corporation. Logic Technology Development is responsible for the development and transfer of next-generation silicon technologies that will produce future Intel microprocessors and system-on-chip designs.

Bai has held various engineering and management positions in the Logic Technology Development organization and worked on multiple generations of process technologies. He was in charge of system-on-chip process technology development and was manager of Intel’s D1C fabrication plant. He served as program manager for the company’s 65-nanometer (65nm) process technology development, yield manager for 130nm and 90nm technologies, process integration manager for 180nm technology, and process integration engineer for 350nm and 500nm technologies. Bai joined Intel in 1991.
Bai received his bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Bucharest in Romania and earned his Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York.

*Further details will be posted later.

Conference Invited Speaker:

Preliminary list of Invited Speakers and Tutorial Lecturers include:

Prof. Tian-chun Ye (Chinese Academy of Science)
Prof. Chih Chen (National Chiao-Tung University)
Dr. Kang Sub Yim (Applied Materials, USA)
Prof. Kuan-Neng Chen (National Chiao-Tung University)
Dr. Ruth Shima-Edelstein (TowerJazz)
Dr. Hitoshi Morinaga (FUJIMI Incorporated)

*Full list of the invited speakers and tutorial lecturers will be announced later.


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