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Advanced Metallization Conference 2018
28th Asian Session
1. Prof. Tian chun Ye, Chinese Academy of Science
 (Tentative) Microelectronics in China

2. Dr. Kang Sub Yim, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Applied Materials, USA
 Black Diamond: Low-k To Ultralow-k and Beyond

3. Prof. Maxime Darnon, CEA LETI, France
 Introduction to plasma etching of porous low-k films

4. Dr. Hitoshi Morinaga, Senior General Manager, FIJIMI Incorporated, Japan
 Semiconductor Wet Cleaning, CMP, and Contamination Control in Wet Process

5. Dr. Hyung Woo Kim, Principal Member of Technical Staff, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, USA
 (Tentative) BEOL integration

6. Dr., Yunlong Li, Senior Research Scientist, imec, Belgium
 Backed-end-of-line Reliability: Metal migration and low-k breakdown

7. Prof. Kuan-Neng Chen, National Chiao Tung University
 (Tentative) Introduction into 3D Packaging

*Further details will be posted later.


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